It Snows In Tokyo During The Cherry Blossoms: The City Turned White Is Even More Fascinating In Beauty.

Every spring in Japan, Hanami is celebrated, a term for the seasonal flowering of trees, especially cherry trees, which occurs in March. It is a magical moment that announces the beginning of spring and in which the city is tinged with pink . But in March 2020, an unexpected event pushed back to spring for a few moments: an off-season snowfall blanketed the city of Tokyo and its cherry trees.


A show that few people have been able to admire live , due to the restrictive measures linked to the coronavirus. We humans have been standing still for quite some time now, but nature hasn’t stopped for a single moment – on the contrary, our planet is taking what seems like a well-deserved break.


At this time of year, it had not snowed like this for 32 years in Tokyo. Heavy snowfall hit the entire Kanto region  – snow that blanketed the cherry blossoms. The silence in the city is surreal and it was made even more deafening by this snowfall; shops are closed on weekends and no crowds of tourists can be seen swarming the areas of the city.


Fear of the coronavirus has stopped most activities, but not Nature. The restrictions in Japan are not as strict as those taken in other countries, such as France or Italy, but the country remains vigilant and willing to limit travel to prevent possible contagion.


A unique and truly magical show!

source used: Japan Times

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