The Cat Stares At A Living Room Wall For Days, It Opens A Hole And Discovers A Hidden Basement.

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that feline friends can sometimes behave in rather original ways and perform acts that are not immediately comprehensible to us humans. However, we also love them for these peculiarities, which are often the subject of attention and amusement on the web, with many masters sharing the most absurd situations in which they have surprised their cats.

The Reddit user we’re about to tell you about is one of them, and he’s taken to the social platform to tell everyone what his cat Tucker has been doing at home for the past few days. He couldn’t explain the animal’s repetitive behavior, and neither he nor the users who responded to his post could have imagined that the feline instinct would lead to an unexpected and disturbing discovery. Let’s see what happened.


image credit: Not the actual photo – JaySenpaii/reddit

Tucker, the user’s cat known on Reddit as @TuckerTroubles14 , really stood out for his tenacity and determination. The reason? Her owner described her in detail, asking for help and advice on the advice group to better understand the animal’s behavior.

The cat was literally obsessed with a wall in the house. The living room wall had become his main domestic attraction.
About a fortnight ago Tucker had a strange fixation on this wall, the young man said, and as the days passed I discovered that he spent almost all his time there. He almost never left this position except to relieve himself or eat, and he would lie down or sit a short distance from the wall while staring at it.


image credit: Not the actual photo – Rawpixel

Anyone faced with such feline behavior would be suspicious and reflect on what caught the kitten’s attention. “I spent several hours in this room with him, continues the owner, thinking that there were perhaps bugs in the wall, or that the cars which passed outside projected light beams on the wall which he had never noticed before, but I didn’t notice anything. At that point, I had to move his bowl and litter box into that room, because Tucker wouldn’t move.”

” I’m very worried for him , writes the author of the post again, since he’s been fixated on this wall, he barely eats and is much less active, it’s as if one fine day a switch had gone off. triggered in him”. Reading this story, many people made assumptions and tried to give advice to the boy on how to behave. A visit to the vet yielded nothing: the specialist said he was puzzled, but did not notice any health problems in the cat. Until his master posted an update explaining what had happened.


image credit: Not the actual photo – Pixabay

“I noticed that the wall was colder there than around, he wrote, so I decided to open it to see what was behind it.” And that’s where he made the discovery. “There is a little slot at the base of the wall, with a little cast iron door. I did a Google search and found that old houses like mine had these spaces to store coal, and I’ve discovered that under the living room is a room in the basement which I do not have access to.

Happy to have discovered the reason for his obsession with his cat, the young man also said he was very disturbed by the mysterious environment he discovered at home. “I’m a little upset about this situation, he admitted, we’ve lived here for years and this wall had never caught Tucker’s attention”. Who knows what this underground room hides? In any case, it is always good to trust the instincts of our felines! Incredible, isn’t it?

source used: Reddit

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