The Blue Jay. The Bird With Deep Blue Feathers That Can Mimic Human And Animal Sounds

An extraordinary bird, typical of North America but now widespread throughout the world, the blue jay is a unique ornithological species for its appearance and bright colors; it is impossible not to recognize one of them: the beak and legs are bluish , the forehead, upper surface, nape and wings have a very bright light blue-bluish color. A real explosion of colors that recall the sky and the sea and instill serenity.


image credit: Wikimedia

In the wild, there are four subspecies of blue jay, depending on the bird’s sheen and size. Belonging to the corvidae family, the jay has a great interest in everything small and glittering , which leads it to collect these objects with its beak and to keep them jealously in its nest.


image credit: Wikimedia

Although elegant at first glance, blue jays tend to be very aggressive in nature towards other species of birds that approach their nests; these bright blue birds feed most of the time during the day, eating seeds, berries, grains but also insects, eggs, mice and lizards.

A common characteristic of blue jays is that they tend to be very loud – they are incomparable sound imitators!


image credit: Wikimedia

They communicate with each other through specific calls, but they also manage to mimic the sound of other raptors and even some human sounds!


image credit: Wikimedia

The blue jay is really a bird to discover, certainly not widespread in various parts of the world, but its incomparable plumage, its bright colors reminiscent of the blue of the sky make it unique!

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