Nutella Pasta: The Bizarre Mixture That Has Become A Real Trend On The Web.

There are foods that over time have become so popular and famous that they are almost considered universal, even though they represent very specific culinary traditions. It is precise because of their importance and to “honor” their origins that they must be prepared according to certain rules, perhaps experimenting, but to the right extent. Think of pasta: who in the world has never tasted it? Probably no one.

There are many ways to cook it, but few are as unusual as the one we are going to tell you about, which has become a real fad on the web. Have you ever thought of making a nice plate of spaghetti with Nutella? No, that’s not a mistake, because social networks are full of videos, tutorials, and recipes from Internet users who have tried this unusual combination.


All tastes are in nature, and we don’t dispute that, although sometimes we have to admit that certain experiences go a little beyond what is considered “normal”. There is no doubt that pasta with Nutella is one of them. Yet all social networks are filled with people who applaud the idea and others who have already called it ” culinary blasphemy “.


image credit: ElenaCardin43/Twitter

Ever since this bizarre food association first popped up even in “official” contexts (an Australian restaurant even included it on their menu to celebrate World Pasta Day), many people couldn’t resist and started to prepare them at home.

It is difficult to say if this is a starter or a dessert; after all, this dish is somewhat in line with the Nutella pizza, which has been popular for years and continues to be. “Who said pasta has to be a savory dish?” Say, supporters, who are not averse to “enriching” pasta with Nutella, even with grated cheese


image credit: jasmyn!/Twitter

And it’s not difficult to prepare either: just know how to cook a plate of spaghetti, or if you want tagliatelle or any other size of pasta, buy a jar of the famous chocolate spread and season it generously.


image credit: luxeini/Instagram

Original idea or sacrilege against the “sacredness” of pasta? Internet users are divided, what do you think? Are you going to try it?

Source used:

 Daily Mail

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