The Big Flying Fox Is One Of The Largest Bats In Nature: It Has A Wingspan Of Almost 2 Meters.

Do you love bats madly and can’t help but admire them flying on hot summer nights? Or do you terrorize those mammals which in Western lore have been referred to as dangerous, evil, and associated with evil? This article is for you in any case. Today we want to tell you not about the house bats, but the giant bats that are mainly found in Asia, especially in Malaysia or the  Philippines.


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Yes, because in these Asian countries, there is a very large species of bat, more commonly called ” large flying fox ” or ” Malaysian fruit bat “, belonging to the Pteropod family.


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Their biggest feature is their truly impressive size: a large flying fox can reach an average weight of 1.6 kilograms and a wingspan of about 1.8 meters. But they should not be confused with the “microbats”, which are the most common and smallest bats.


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While the smallest and most prevalent bats are important for ecosystem protection by providing pest control and elimination, the process of pollination, seed dispersal, etc., “megabat” feed mainly on the fruits of trees .


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The Malaysian fruit bat, not to be confused with the Acerodon jubatus (the Philippine Flying Fox, widely distributed in Africa, India, Oceania, and other parts of Asia), is anything but a night beast. thirsty for blood. Being frugivorous, these bats “chatter” loudly as they feast on figs and other fruits at dusk and roost in large groups of trees during the day. To put it simply, large flying foxes prefer to drink nectar rather than seek blood.


image credit: Pardusco/Reddit

In addition, to dispel other preconceptions about these giant bats, of the more than 1,300 species of bats that are found in the world, only three feed on blood. And, unlike their microbat brethren, large flying foxes travel thanks to their strong sense of sight and smell.


image credit: HedwigCoffin/Reddit

Although Malaysian fruit bats are now an endangered species because they are too often hunted and killed by humans , their size and immense scale are enough to arouse admiration, or run off at full speed if we see one in the area!

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