15 Reasons Why A Wildlife Photographer’s Work Should Be Called “The Most Beautiful Job In The World”

Nature photography is a branch of photography that focuses on nature: landscapes, astronomical, underwater, flora, and fauna. Naturalist photographers, in addition to having skills in the…


Images From This Photographer Show Us What It Means To Be A Child In Different Parts Of The World

Some things are not always as obvious as they seem. Think of childhood: Many people, perhaps born in the wealthier parts of the world, view children as…


17 People With The Best Luck In The World.

We all wish we had a bit of your luck. Luck is a matter of being at the right time and time for it to…


17 Photos That Reveal The World Is Still Full Of Surprises.

Earth is an amazing place. The internet often bombards us with information that is not interesting or fun and just doesn’t add us to anything. Fortunately,…


Scottish Company Launches O2, The Most Powerful Wind Turbine In The World: It Uses Energy From The Sea.

We often hear about wind turbines, that is to say of these turbines which transform the energy of the wind into electricity. But there are also tidal…


One Of The Rarest Birds In The World Is Threatened With Extinction. It Can No Longer Sing The Melodies Of Its Species.

The Regent Honeyeater is a bird found primarily in Southeast Australia and considered to be one of the rarest birds in the world. However, experts fear that they…


Jeremy, The Loneliest Left-handed Snail In The World Who Hasn’t Found Love.

“One in a million”, and maybe more. No expression suits Jeremy, the rare and special snail we’re about to tell you about. A seemingly simple creature like many…


Woman Films Herself Unknowingly Taking In Hand One Of The Most Poisonous Animals In The World.

Sometimes we do things that seem absolutely harmless to us but which, in a second step, turn out to be times when we risked our…


The 6 Euro Coins That Can Be Worth Thousands, Sought After Around The World

The coins are worth much less than the tickets because they have a lower monetary value, but there are cases where the parts have a higher value,…

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