She Discovers That Her Husband Is Cheating On Her: She Sells Everything And Begins To Travel The World With Her Dogs.

A glance at her husband’s cell phone revealed the sad truth: the betrayal was irrefutable. Instead of falling into despair or victimization, Emily decided to make the dream…


She Always Wakes Up Tired Even If She Is Asleep: She Sets Up A Camera And Finds Out That It Is Her Cat’s Fault.

How much joy do our pets give us? Did you answer “a lot”? That’s right: most of the time they do, although we have to admit that at other…


She Gives Birth To A Duckling From An Egg Bought At The Supermarket: It Is Now Her Pet.

The internet is a great resource: people on social media and on Google find all kinds of tips and tricks. You can find techniques for removing…


She Buys A House Next To A Road And Complains About The Noise, She Receives A Shower Of Criticism On The Web.

Changing homes is often a real adventure, full of unforeseen events and unknowns. Even though we pay the greatest attention to every detail, there is always something…

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