Hundreds Of 19th Century Beer Bottles Found Buried At The Bottom Of The Sea: “The Yeast Is Still Alive”

Have you ever thought about the foods our ancestors put on the table every day? There was certainly a certain difference from the present. In a highly…


Boy Discovers How To Capture Microplastics In The Sea And Wins International Award.

Microplastics are defined as plastic particles from one-thousandth of a millimeter to one millimeter in diameter. These small fragments of plastic come from different sources: cosmetics,…


Scottish Company Launches O2, The Most Powerful Wind Turbine In The World: It Uses Energy From The Sea.

We often hear about wind turbines, that is to say of these turbines which transform the energy of the wind into electricity. But there are also tidal…


A Fisherman Finds A Rare Blue Lobster And Decides To Put It Back In The Sea: “I Would Never Have Eaten It”

This is not the first time that we have told you stories of incredible discoveries that feature animals with curious and unusual characteristics, ones you would never expect…


This Narrow Building Was Built By A Man To Spoil His Brother’s View Of The Sea.

As with everything, one cannot generalize and one certainly cannot say that there are always conflicting relationships in the family. But it’s also true that when…


These Special Ultra Strong Nets Are Able To Block The Waste Before It Reaches The Sea

Pollution of the planet’s aquatic resources is a current problem, which is now impossible to underestimate. The waste that ends up in seas, rivers, and lakes every day is…

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