Scientists Attach Gps Devices To Magpies, But Magpies Rebel And Tear Them Off Each Other.

Sometimes nature manages to leave us absolutely amazed with incredible and unexpected manifestations. Think of the animal world: we never really stop learning from the creatures…


Mice “Sweat” Skin Fat, Scientists Accidentally Find Therapy For Weight Loss.

Imagine that you could lose body fat without going on any particular diet or exercise – it seems impossible, right? Even scientists were surprised by what they discovered…


Team Of Scientists Create Concrete That Repairs Itself: It Is Four Times Stronger Than Normal.

Concrete is one such building material whose use is pervasive and global. Its production does not leave the environment unscathed, considering that the cement industry is capable…


The North Pole Is Moving Too Fast And Scientists Don’t Know Why.

The Earth’s magnetic field originates thousands of kilometers below the Earth’s surface, especially in the core, where eddies of a molten metal stir. Scientists observed…

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