A Photographer Illustrates The Incredible Resemblance Between Dogs And Their Masters With Magnificent Shots

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen sympathetic similarities between dogs and their owners. Although the choice of a dog is not at all based on…


This Photographer Takes Wonderful Photos Of Praying Mantises Of All Shapes And Colors.

Although less spectacular than ecosystems such as savannah or ice, the microscopic world knows how to offer marvelous and fascinating scenes to those who know how to…


Photographer Takes 10 Years To Capture The Moon’s 48 Shades Of Color.

Marcella Pace is a daytime elementary school teacher. At night, she likes to observe and photograph the sky. These passionate photographers are called “astrophotographers” and document the evolution…


This Photographer Plays With Perspective To Create Fun And Imaginative Shots.

What does it mean to be original? Among the different facets of the term, one should certainly include the ability to find something unusual in the…


Images From This Photographer Show Us What It Means To Be A Child In Different Parts Of The World

Some things are not always as obvious as they seem. Think of childhood: Many people, perhaps born in the wealthier parts of the world, view children as…


This Photographer Creates Spectacular Aquatic Sculptures That Seem To Come To Life In His Hands.

Today’s technology allows us to engage in all kinds of activities in all fields. With the right idea and a good dose of creativity and imagination, you can…


A Photographer Takes The Portrait Of A Little Owl Sheltering From The Rain Under A Mushroom

For those who love animals and art, the life of photographer  Tanja Brandt  seems like a living dream. The woman, living in Germany, is a fan of birds of prey (and not…

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