Aging With Friends: More And More People In Europe Are Choosing To Live In Collaborative Housing.

In the past, being a neighbor was much more than living a few meters away: it was knowing that you could count on a person,…


‘i Don’t Want People With Shaved Heads In Photos’: Bride Withdraws Invitation To Cancer Survivor Bridesmaid.

The wedding is an important moment for all: the couple put all their energy to ensure that this day is perfect and unforgettable. Some people, however, tend to…


15 People Who Pushed The Limits Of Good Taste By Sporting Rather Daring Haircuts.

While it is true that tastes are subjective, it is also true that we continue to marvel at how something that we consider ridiculous or absurd…


17 People With The Best Luck In The World.

We all wish we had a bit of your luck. Luck is a matter of being at the right time and time for it to…


16 People Captured Weird Moments In Australia, Showing Us A Whole Different World.

Australia is a country admired by many: maybe because of its remoteness, maybe because Christmas is celebrated in shorts, or, maybe, because koalas and kangaroos…


“Dubious” Architecture, 16 People Shared The Most Absurd Structures They Have Seen.

Some buildings have been designed by true champions of architecture: despite their unconventional character, they fascinate us with their incredible design and functionality. However, there are…


15 Examples Of Stairs So Absurd That We Doubt The Lucidity Of The People Who Designed Them.

Stairs, in a house or building, have an irresistible charm and designers have a lot of fun creating really special ones. We often see braided railings, elaborate marble,…


16 Photos Of Fascinating And Unusual Things That Only A Few People Have Had The Chance To See.

Nature offers us fascinating and in some cases extremely rare things: only a few have the chance to see them. You don’t have to go far to look…


15 Times People Made Interesting Discoveries By Looking Inside Ordinary Things.

We use ordinary objects just looking at their surface and considering their use: we use golf balls to play, garden frogs to decorate, cases to…

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