These Fossil Footprints Show Humans Were In North America Much Earlier Than Previously Thought.

Sometimes the discoveries are so sensational and interesting that they are able to radically change our conception not only of history but also of places, events, and…


15 “Extra-large” Animals Capable Of Making The Humans Around Them Seem Tiny.

Although our minds tend to associate a specific animal with specific dimensions, we learn every day that nothing is so obvious in nature. So even a simple harmless “kitten”…


18 Giant Animals That Are Rarely Seen By Humans

The world is full of surprises. Almost everything we know today has been through books, movies, or the internet. Rarely have we been blessed with the…


His Bees Had Not Produced As Much Honey For 20 Years. The Cause, The Absence Of Humans And The Reduction Of Pollution

Pierre Stéphane, a beekeeper based in Lichtenberg, a French town near the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, had never seen such abundant honey production from his bees:…

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