16 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Who Decided To Relax In Alternative Places.

Cats have no master. Or rather, they are our masters although we try to impose rules on them and provide them with all the necessary comfort, they take…


Cats Defying The Laws Of Physics. 13 Funny Photos Of Cats Taken In The Most Absurd Poses.

There are two types of people in the world: those who choose to adopt a dog and those who prefer cats. The latter are probably convinced…


Company Creates Special Maze Bed Perfect For Cats And Their Human Friends

There are people who would really do anything for the well-being and serenity of their four-legged friends. And we’re not just talking about hugs, food, and attention,…


14 Photos Of Spoiled Rotten Cats Who Have Full Control Over Their Owners

The cats, we know, are special creatures. Their stubbornness and instincts often dominate everything. When a feline is born and grows up at home, protected and loved, it often…


30 pics Cats Pose With Baby-Spider Man By A Thai Artist To Make Some Amazing Creations.

Cats and Spider-Man are the two things Neung has a passion about. “How do you know?” You will wonder. His Facebook page that consist of…

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