The Cat Stares At A Living Room Wall For Days, It Opens A Hole And Discovers A Hidden Basement.

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that feline friends can sometimes behave in rather original ways and perform acts that are not…


13 Hidden Signs To Know If Your Cat Is Telling You “I Love You”

Cats have a very peculiar behavior that, at times, can be misunderstood because of its profound diversity compared to humans. Still, life without a cat is…


Find The Cat Hidden Among The Pigeons: The Visual Game To Be Solved In A Minimum Of Time.

Are you ready to put your cognitive skills to the test? In order to solve a visual game such as the one we propose below, our…


She Always Wakes Up Tired Even If She Is Asleep: She Sets Up A Camera And Finds Out That It Is Her Cat’s Fault.

How much joy do our pets give us? Did you answer “a lot”? That’s right: most of the time they do, although we have to admit that at other…


He Searches The Web For A House And Finds His Cat In The Photo Of A House For Sale.

Imagine the situation for a moment: you are searching for new accommodation on the internet, busy comparing prices, areas, finishes, and environments when you discover something familiar…


City’s Most Beloved Cat Dies. Statue Created In His Honor At His Favorite Spot

Istanbul (Turkey) is known and famous around the world for its melting pot of cultures halfway between West and East, for its incredible architectural works and…


The Norwegian Forest Cat, The Magnetically Charming Cat Since Viking Age

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an ancient feline breed native to Scandinavian countries. Of wild origin, it is a large, long-haired cat. Its history is intimately linked…


20 Cat Behaviors We Will Never Understand

In video games, there is the concept of “leveling up”, with which the character acquires new properties and often begins to behave in a completely…


These Cat Photos Are Turned Into Comical Illustrations By An Indonesian Artist

Many artists around the world are talented to create comic illustrations. But maintaining the uniqueness of their work is little bit challenging for any of…

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