They Renovate A House And Discover 80,000 Bees And 45 Kg Of Honey In The Shower Wall.

Renovating a house – or deciding to do it – is certainly not easy: we know that there will be unforeseen problems to solve, sooner or…


Plainclothes Firefighter Saves Motorist With 15,000 Bees In His Car.

Although bees are important animals for our survival, for the health and future of the planet, it is certainly not very pleasant to be in the middle of…


This Homemade Beehive Could Help Us Save Bees And Protect Our Environment

Bees are a biological indicator of the quality of the environment: the more bees there are, the healthier the air and the richer and healthier…


His Bees Had Not Produced As Much Honey For 20 Years. The Cause, The Absence Of Humans And The Reduction Of Pollution

Pierre Stéphane, a beekeeper based in Lichtenberg, a French town near the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, had never seen such abundant honey production from his bees:…

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