17 Impressive 3d Works Of Mexican Street Artist.

Originally from Guadalajara, Carlos Alberto GH creates amazing 3D graffiti. Meet 17 of his impressive and magical works. Graffiti is a type of art genre that…


This Artist Creates Graffiti That Goes Beyond 2 Dimensions, And It’s Incredibly Realistic.

Anyone who appreciates graffiti knows that each artist has their own personal touch and behind that, there is often careful study and a lot of…


This Artist Makes Drawings Of Animals So Bizarre They Are Almost Convincing.

We know very well that each of us has a totally subjective way of seeing things around us. And what is art if not a representation…


This Artist Brings The Streets Of Cities To Life By Drawing Characters And Scenes That Make You Dream.

What can be done with a simple piece of colored chalk? If you think that these tools can only be used in school contexts and that they…


This Artist Recreates Famous Portraits And Works Of Art Using Simple Colored Pebbles.

The greatest wonders come from the simplest things and the ability to turn the most insignificant object into an indispensable tool. There is no object simpler…


What If Cartoon Animals Were Human? An Artist Transforms Famous Characters From Our Childhood.

When we were children, we were all enchanted by the Disney characters and we were immersed in their world of princesses, heroes and tender-hearted and selfless animals. You…


The Lion Of Lucerne: The Sculpture Where The Artist Hid The Silhouette Of A Pig Out Of Mischief.

If you find yourself in the Swiss city of Lucerne, one of the most unmissable monuments to visit is without a doubt the sculpture of…

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