This Artist Creates Animals In Carded Wool That Seem Alive: Here Are Her Most Beautiful Works.

Anna Yastrezhembovskaya knew about carded wool games when she was a young mother of two small children: she saw dolls with incredibly realistic features, but…


This Artist Makes Drawings Of Animals So Bizarre They Are Almost Convincing.

We know very well that each of us has a totally subjective way of seeing things around us. And what is art if not a representation…


15 Species Of Animals So Rare And So Special That They Seem To Come From Another Planet

Our planet is home to more than 8 million animal and plant species, and many of them are yet to be discovered despite ongoing biological studies. New…


Father Brings Children’s Drawings To Life And Turns Them Into Bizarre-looking Animals.

Children have a lot of imagination and even before learning to write they try their hand at drawing. They take a sheet of paper, a pencil,…


Unexpected Greatness: 15 Incredible Photos Show Us Animals At Their True Size.

The perception of the size of objects, animals, or people does not always coincide with reality: we speak of perception because it is determined by…


21 Photos Of Animals That Show That Nature Likes To Play With Colors.

The beauty that exists in every living being on the planet is unique. When we take the time to observe our surroundings we find peculiarly beautiful…


20 Animals That Are So Big They Don’t Look Real.

You probably never imagined its size There are animals of different sizes on the planet, but each species has a growth pattern, and accordingly, we…


13 Animals That Did Not Forget To Thank Those Who Rescued Them.

Animals never cease to amaze us. Despite the fact that it is said that animals are not right or that they lack thoughts, every day we…


17 Animals With Unique Characteristics That Make Them Special

The differences between people are what make each of us so special, with our own peculiarities and characteristics. Among the other animals, this also applies, and…

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