Student Pays Homage To Her Parents By Taking Graduation Photos In The Fields Of The Farm Where They Work.

Obtaining a diploma is a great achievement: not only for students who, after years of study, have managed to achieve this ambitious goal but also for parents who often contribute financially to the payment of tuition fees and various expenses. After years of sacrifices, the moment of graduation is the crowning of a little dream, it’s a moment of celebration: the day when we can finally celebrate all the efforts made and when we can thank his parents for their support. Jennifer Rocha, precisely on her graduation day, thanked her parents with an extremely moving little gesture: she organized her photoshoot in the fields where her family works.


image credit: DevidBegnaud/Twitter

Jennifer graduated from the University of California, United States, after an intense course of study marked by happy moments but also by many doubts. She came from a family of humble workers, who worked in the fields and often supported them in their work. Jennifer’s family played a central role in this journey: they paid for her education and gave her children the right motivation. Her father told her to study, otherwise, she would have to work in the fields for the rest of her life.


image credit: DevidBegnaud/Twitter

This was the final trigger that prompted Jennifer to enroll in college. Jennifer says she started working in the fields in high school. When she came home from school, she would go out into the fields and plant strawberries until late at night.


image credit: DevidBegnaud/Twitter

For Jennifer, the support, financial and otherwise, from her parents has been invaluable. She, therefore, decided to pay tribute to them by taking her graduation photos in the fields of the farm where they work and have worked to finance her education and that of her siblings.


image credit: DevidBegnaud/Twitter

The moving photos were posted on the college’s Facebook page and quickly went viral: Beside Jennifer – smartly dressed in her gown – are her parents, pictured in their simplicity. Two people who worked hard and made sacrifices to free their children from the prospect of having to work in the fields, even at night, and to guarantee them an education and a better future.

source used: abcnews

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