11 strokes of genius with which people have solved their daily small-big problems

Hammers, bolts, screwdrivers, drills, complex projects? Any one of us, thinking of manual work to do, would think of these tools, listed just to give an example. Of course: to work well and solve our small and big everyday problems, we need the right tools and the right skills, but what would you think if we told you that sometimes the best “tool” we can use is our brain?

It’s true: the organ we have in our heads is truly our most trusted friend because it’s the first one we can rely on to create solutions we might not even think we knew. And the brilliant idea is followed by its realization may be creative, extravagant, unusual, and even funny, but the important thing is that it works! The authors of the 11 photos that we have put together here for you know it well: ordinary people who have been able to sharpen their minds and get out of many problems.

#1. In times of pandemic, hygiene is essential, this disinfectant dispenser must not be touched, but operated with the feet!

image credit: whatnicknametouse/reddit

#2. The home remedy for those who don’t have chandelier at hand …

image credit: Mr_PoodlePants/reddit

#3. My son has “modified” his beloved bicycle, with these sponges he can ride barefoot

image credit: flaglerite/reddit

#4. I asked my brother why his fork was in this condition: he went to get his tablet and showed me the reason

image credit: projectolivine/reddit

#5. In the absence of a suitable latch, you have to sharpen your brains!

image credit: superkaifas/reddit

#6. If there is not enough parking space, why change car? Change the barrier!

image credit: preludachris8/reddit

#7. No cake whisk? No problem when you have a good screwdriver handy!

image credit: fermisRat/reddit

#8. It works well: problem solved economically and efficiently!

image credit: Fischbanane/reddit

#9. When you really want to play chess but miss the chess board …

image credit: totoCALV1N/reddit

#10. A car without parking sensors? Here is the solution!

image credit: Imgur

#11. The ingenious way to open this portal effortlessly: mount a bicycle wheel!

image credit: bullfrog669/reddit

What do you think? Have you ever been faced with problematic situations that you then resolved by sharpening your mind?

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