Spectacular Architecture. 18 Examples Of Buildings That You Never Tire Of Admiring

If there is one particular mode of expression that can be seen by all and that will be remembered for a long time, it is certainly architecture. Designers and engineers sometimes manage to create buildings so original, innovative and futuristic that we would stay for hours admiring them.

We realize this whenever aesthetics and practicality come together in results like the ones we’re about to show you. True architectural wonders that have paid homage in the most incredible way to the environments and cities around them, as well as to all the people who have had the chance to visit them. Are you ready to go with us to explore some of the most original buildings that exist?

#1. The Sunac Guangzhou Grand Theater, China

image credit: Silber4/reddit

Really striking and spectacular, don’t you think?

#2. A wall? No, a bench!

image credit: karmagheden/reddit

Look what the architects who designed this very special bench have come up with!

#3. This is the tallest atrium in the world

image credit: ElectronicRhubarb841/reddit

It is located in Beijing, in Leeza Soho, a skyscraper designed by architects Zaha Hadid, and it is 194 meters high!

#4. Here we are in Lebanon, just in front of the Beirut Terraces, built in 2017.

image credit: reddit

#5. Who wouldn’t want to walk into or work in a library like this?

image credit: reddit

Did you recognize her? It’s the Kansas City Public Library, with its wall made of … books!

#6. The illuminated pavilion in Bangkok

image credit: monomotive/reddit

Very impressive this structure in the Thai capital!

#7. The hill of the Buddha: a unique place.

image credit: CaravelClerihew/reddit

Located in Japan, not far from Sapporo, it is a Buddhist cemetery designed by architect Tadao Ando.

#8. Green terraces in the middle of the city

image credit: mtlgrems/reddit

We are here in Tel Aviv, Israel.

#9. A curved building with irresistible charm

image credit: fotogneric/reddit

This is the Museum of Natural History in Shenzhen, China.

#10. When a building becomes one with the nature that surrounds it …

image credit: yogi333323/reddit

Home of architect Arthur Erickson in Vancouver, 1962.

#11. The building that houses the Russian Ministry of Agriculture has this incredible detail

image credit: reddit

#12. Two huge hands supporting a bridge

image credit: Ryan8088/reddit

We are in Vietnam, and it is the famous Golden Bridge.

#13. An incredible wavy structure overlooking the sea

image credit: reddit

It is the Museum of Coastal Geomorphology in Vancouver, Canada.

#14. A truly unique residential complex.

image credit: loulan/reddit

We are in Noisy-le-Grand, in the Parisian suburbs, and here is the Espaces d’Abraxas complex by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

#15. To make the most of the space in this corner, you needed the right house!

image credit: reddit

She is located in Amsterdam and is really curious to watch, don’t you think?

#16. How to rebuild a house after an earthquake

image credit: Mrizi-i-Zanave/reddit

An example of a truly special and original reconstruction: we are in Albania, and this house was half destroyed by an earthquake.

#17. A breathtaking spectacle

image credit: hriscambridge / reddit

This is the interior of the Natural History Museum in London: truly remarkable!

#18. It looks like a lonely house in the middle of the snow: this is the Ibsen Library in Skien, Norway.

image credit: reddit

Have you ever seen such unique buildings with your own eyes? Sometimes architecture reaches truly incredible levels!

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