Woman Brakes Hard When She Sees A Bear Sitting On The Sofa With Its Paws Crossed

In life, each of us needs times when we can take a break, where we can isolate ourselves from the world around us and think of nothing. Think about it for a moment: even the most active and busy person, at some point, wants nothing but a moment of relaxation and nothing else, maybe on the couch, munching on a snacks in front of the television.

Do you find yourself in there? If the answer is yes, then know that you are not the only one, and this need does not seem only “reserved” to us humans. The nice and idle bear that we are going to present to you shows it: when he found an abandoned sofa, he could not resist!


image credit: The Weather Network/Youtube

We are in Canada, in the Manitoba region, a land where black bears are not uncommon. But this one beat them all in terms of sympathy and originality. In the spring, after waking up from his long winter hibernation, he came across a landfill where, among other things, was an old abandoned sofa.

Never has the occasion been more tempting for the idle inhabitant of the woods, who has decided to take a break. It was by chance that nurse Mandy Stantic witnessed the scene while she was in the car. The bear was there, sitting on the sofa, its paws crossed, like any human being enjoying his moment of peace.


image credit: The Weather Network/Youtube

In all likelihood, the bear was looking for food – unfortunately in the trash – and the couch left there seemed like a good way to stop for a while. The food from the surrounding forest may not have been enough for him, which led him to dig into the dump. Photos of the bear in this unusual attitude therefore make you smile and reflect at the same time, especially about the fact that these animals find themselves in situations and habitats of filth and degradation that they should not be faced with.


image credit: The Weather Network/Youtube

“All she needed was popcorn and Netflix at the time,” said Mandy, amused, as she recounted this singular encounter. As if that weren’t enough, the woman said that not far away there was also an abandoned television set among the trash. A truly incredible and surreal setting, where the animal seemed perfectly at ease: all that remains is to wish him a good rest!

via: The Weather Network/Youtube

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