16 People Captured Weird Moments In Australia, Showing Us A Whole Different World.

Australia is a country admired by many: maybe because of its remoteness, maybe because Christmas is celebrated in shorts, or, maybe, because koalas and kangaroos have an irresistible charm. In addition to being huge, with its breathtaking landscapes, Australia has also considered a peculiar and bizarre country: we are not used too often seeing pink lakes, finding snakes in shoes, kangaroos muscular in the rivers, disturbingly tall guests in the walls, police officers taking bizarre photos with the people they are going to the ticket. Australia is a world in its own right: fascinating, sometimes disturbing, but with so much to offer.

#1. A couple of Australians woke up with loud noises: it was the fault of the little creature on the roof.

image credit: imgur

#2. It is a salt lake in Western Australia and is naturally pink.

image credit: bavaroj/reddit

#3. In the university library, children study quietly, but some are not used to the cold.

image credit: NoHellCanStopMe/imgur

#4. This very special plant is native to Australia and its leaves look like little birds.

image credit: reddit

#5. Never walk in flip-flops when it is too hot: the sole can stick to the hot bitumen.

image credit: AegonnTargaryen/imgur

#6. Even the animal is hot and someone immortalized it as it quenched its thirst with a cold drink.

image credit: HeavyMetalCowboy76/imgur

#7. The boy is raising a little kangaroo: he is 6 months old and is impatiently awaiting his bottle.

image credit: OlHucklebuck/reddit

#8. Australian police have a great sense of humor, but that doesn’t stop those who break the rules from being fined.

image credit: getjoacookie/reddit

#9. In Australia, it can also happen to walk and come across an emu egg, a bird belonging to the dromaiidae family.

image credit: pineapplejamm123/reddit

#10. This little one is curious and egocentric: he wants to be the center of attention. And it works!

image credit: D_S_W/reddit

#11. Are toads and pythons best friends? Maybe not, but in this case the toads decided to ask the python to be escorted away.

image credit: MrMeMock/twitter

#12. In Australia, you should always look in your shoes: it is not uncommon, indeed, to find surprises inside.

image credit: Timmyj292/reddit

#13. Do house spiders exist? Maybe not, but Australians are used to seeing it at home …

image credit: Adamarket/imgur

#14. The muscular kangaroo is quietly taking a bath in the river, someone to keep him company?

image credit: mpegplayer/reddit

#15. Dogs, cats and chickens do not fight, or do not have the energy to do so: when it is hot, a shady place is adequate for everyone.

image credit: Fredx/reddit

#16. In Australia, when it hails, be careful: it rains billiard balls from the sky.

image credit: CCPearson/reddit

There are those who consider Australia to be beautiful, but only in postcards, and those who look forward to the moment when they can visit it despite the animals and creatures that live there. What category of people do you belong to?

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