She Discovers That Her Husband Is Cheating On Her: She Sells Everything And Begins To Travel The World With Her Dogs.

A glance at her husband’s cell phone revealed the sad truth: the betrayal was irrefutable. Instead of falling into despair or victimization, Emily decided to make the dream of her life come true. She sold her house, bought herself a van, and decided to travel the world with the one solid love of her life: her dog Loki!

What better way to forget about an experience gone wrong? What better way to start your life over and find your talent? Thanks to this trip, Emily understood what was most important in her life .


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Professional photographer Emily Abrahams had a very common mishap: She found out her husband was having a secret affair with another woman while reading messages on his cell phone.

“The world suddenly fell on me,” Emily said. “I wasn’t expecting this since we had only been married for four years. There was no way he could stay with him, but even taking the old life back didn’t make sense. After this event, it was finally time to change my life, ”she concludes confidently.


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So Emily sold everything, bought a van, and set off on a world tour with her most loyal friend: her dog Loki, a beautiful border collie . During this trip, I saw the Northern Lights in northern Europe, Emily wrote on her blog. The magnificent mountains of Slovenia, the waterfalls of Austria and the Croatian coast “. In all, I have visited more than 20 countries of the old continent from Germany.”


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Along the way, Emily’s Ark welcomed another adorable travel companion, a brown dog called Journey. Now they have become three inseparable travelers . An adventure she did not expect to experience. “It is not a simple tourist trip, adds the photographer. It is a trip in search of myself”. An adventure full of intense moments in which Loki became my favorite photographic subject. “


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A choice that turns into a professional activity: the success of the photos of Emily taken of her dog has attracted the attention of animal lovers . Many internet users have asked the photographer to film their pet. 


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“The conclusion of this case is very positive, said Emily. I am grateful to my husband for letting me free to find me . Now, a new activity emerges for a beautiful Emily completely renewed!” In short, an exciting life story that invites us to reflect on who we are and what we really want out of life. Congratulations Emily on your inner journey!

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