She Gives Birth To A Duckling From An Egg Bought At The Supermarket: It Is Now Her Pet.

The internet is a great resource: people on social media and on Google find all kinds of tips and tricks. You can find techniques for removing stains from a t-shirt without turning on the washing machine, preparing alternative recipes from simple ingredients, matching seemingly opposing colors to create particular looks, and many more. other things as well. TikTok helped a woman “hatch” a store-bought egg and take care of the baby during the hatching. The woman is now raising the duckling as a pet.


image credit: SWNS/Youtube

After seeing a challenge on TikTok, Adele Philipps – a 28-year-old woman – decided to try “hatching” a simple egg bought at the supermarket. She went to a local grocery store with her mother and bought a dozen eggs. Adele then goes on to say that she put the eggs in a ventilated cabinet for a few days before transferring them to an incubator bought online.


The woman says she did some research online and found that you can tell whether the eggs are fertilized or not by turning on a flashlight: whether in the light of the flashlight you see veins inside the egg, it means that it contains an embryo.


She only saw veins in one egg, so she dismissed all the others. The woman took care of this egg for 30 days, checking that its temperature remained stable. No one thought it would work, and she had doubts herself, but a month later, an event stunned everyone: something “started to poke little holes in the shell.”


Adele, who was unsure of what to do, sought advice on a Facebook page and two days later the duckling emerged from its shell: not only was the experiment successful, but the baby is now safe and the woman is safe. treat as a pet. She decided to keep him and also bought a duck for the baby to have company.


Currently, the two friends live in a box with a heat lamp, but the woman now wants to install a pond in her garden. Adele has been called a “mother duck”: she takes care of the two as a mother, and every time they look at her heart fills with joy. Is it possible that the eggs in the supermarket are fertilized? Adele says yes and announces that from now on, she will no longer eat eggs, or at least severely limit their consumption.

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