She Always Wakes Up Tired Even If She Is Asleep: She Sets Up A Camera And Finds Out That It Is Her Cat’s Fault.

How much joy do our pets give us? Did you answer “a lot”? That’s right: most of the time they do, although we have to admit that at other times they go out of their way to give us a hard time.

Just ask the woman we are going to tell you about, who decided to share what happened with her cat Ginger, surprised, thanks to a night vision camera, in an activity that is a real passion for him. This feline, in fact, would never give up a good dose of human company, even if it means waking his mistress in the middle of the night or disturbing her sleep in a way that can only make you smile.


image credit: susieandmollie / TikTok

Do you know when, despite a good night’s sleep, you wake up incredibly tired, more tired than you should be? Well: for the woman who on TikTok calls herself @susieandmollie, it happened pretty much every morning.


image credit: susieandmollie / TikTok

While it is not easy for many to have a calm and truly restful night, it was impossible for her. So the woman started to wonder what could disturb her sleep and decided that she was tired of waking up exhausted. Anxious to find out what was going on, she set up a night vision camera not far from her bed and discovered that there was someone who didn’t sleep like her.


image credit: susieandmollie / TikTok

It was Ginger, her cat, who was caught red-handed in the recorded footage. For several hours, the cat constantly patted the body of its human friend with its paws. The result is easily understandable: his insistence disrupted Susie’s sleep, and although she doesn’t always wake up, she couldn’t get a good night’s rest.


image credit: susieandmollie / TikTok

According to the woman, her feline enjoys being with her from morning to night, and apparently at night too! He just can’t help it, and once she falls asleep he tries to wake her up to get some attention. The video showing the cat in its nighttime performance was quick to go viral, garnering thousands of views and reactions.

“It doesn’t stop tickling me until I wake up,” said Susie, who nevertheless admitted to being very attached to her cat. Much joy, but also constraint, therefore. But cats are like this: it’s hard to get them to change their minds when they’re determined to do something!

source used: susieandmollie / TikTok

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