15 Times The Shadows Told An Unexpected And Different Story.

Where there is a sun, there is also a shadow: everyone has one, and their appearance changes depending on the angle from which the light comes. They are everywhere and, as is often the case with ordinary things, we don’t take the time to look at them and give them the attention they need. There are small, large, ordinary shadows, and there are also extraordinary and completely unexpected ones. It’s as if the shadows are fed up with being simple, ordinary shadows and decide to take on a new identity, revealing their secret life. Can the shadow of a photographer and his equipment be the same as that of a Labrador? It seems so, and not only: a packet of kibble has a cat’s alter ego, a glass of wine a rose, the embrace of two friends a gorilla, the stroll of two strangers a kiss. VS’ it is precisely this kiss that is about to happen – unbeknownst to two people who live their lives separately and each walk their own path – that made us dream. Shadows have a life of their own, and we’re sure you’ll pay more attention to your surroundings after seeing these15 images.

#1. The shadow of these two girls looks like a gorilla.

image credit: sfsuser/imgur

#2. An angry face.

image credit: MellowHippy/imgur

#3. Do you also see the cat?

image credit: MarkSputnik / reddit

A packet of kibble, if you look closely, isn’t just a packet of kibble: there’s a cat waiting for food.

#4. A frightening being.

image credit: imgur

The shadow of a cute dog is reminiscent of a scary being.

#5. The shadow scolds someone.

image credit: hollyGOLD/imgur

#6. The shadow of a pen looks like a bottle.

image credit: imgur

#7. Looks like a being from another dimension.

image credit: ramiroidae/reddit

When you want to take a beautiful photo to post it on social networks but the shadows spoil everything.

#8. Why does the photographer look like a Labrador?

image credit: MuchoGrande/imgur

#9. A beautiful rose.

image credit: imgur

The shadow of a glass full of wine is a beautiful rose.

#10. A kiss they never gave each other.

image credit: Tota/pinterest

Even the dog seems to be waiting for that moment to come.

#11. This man does not have fishnet stockings.

image credit: NickyAlDente/reddit

#12. A beautiful piano keyboard.

image credit: mattythedog/reddit

#13. On the building is the silhouette of a lion’s face.

image credit: imagepoem/imgur

#14. Batman has arrived.

image credit: ripripripriprip/reddit

#15. A very cordial panel.

image credit: imgur

The subjects of these photos and the shadows they cast tell two very different stories and offer two different perspectives on reality. Which one should we favor? Where is the truth? We leave the answer to you.

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