18 People Experienced Seeing Particular Shapes In Common Things.

It is called “pareidolia” and it is a subconscious visual illusion that leads us to relate common objects to familiar and common shapes: we looked at fruit, a trash bag, the inside of a cup, a rug. , clouds, shadows, and we saw something that was never there (or maybe it was?). We feel like we are at the center of an animated film, where ordinary objects seem to come to life and communicate with us. Is it a coincidence? Does anyone want to send us a message? Or was it just the figment of our imagination? These are usually the questions we ask ourselves when faced with these illusions: don’t worry, it’s quite normal and common. See what 18 people saw.

#1. What is a baby hippo doing on the kitchen table? No hippo, but this potato looks a lot like it.

image credit: jr1c22/reddit

#2. This machine appears to have a face: ears, eyes, nose, mouth and even a mustache.

image credit: dhidon/reddit

#3. The turtle’s reflection at the bottom looks like a man’s face with eyes, eyebrows and a beard.

image credit: Gatimon/reddit

#4. There are those who, looking at this photo, see a man running towards the trees and those who see a dog running towards you!

image credit: PsyMages/reddit

#5. This halved pepper looks very angry: are we sure we should eat it?

image credit: HipHopHistoryGui/reddit

#6. This little green pepper looks like a tyrannosaurus: look at those teeth!

image credit: AberrantDevices/reddit

#7. The clouds in the distance form what looks like a squirrel: do you see that too?

image credit: nickishungry1988/reddit

#8. There are those who, looking at this dirty bag, saw a fox in it: there are eyes and ears.

image credit: RubySubmarine/reddit

#9. She put a touch of cream on the back of her hand, and the touch is reminiscent of a cat seen from above.

image credit: yum_disc/reddit

#10. He was eating a delicious fried chicken when suddenly a dolphin appeared.

image credit: tsalama7/reddit

#11. In this wooden table, there are those who saw Sid, the funny character from “The Ice Age”.

image credit: DuckRubberDuck/reddit

#12. On this piece of wood seems to have been carved a frog: from its expression, it looks like it is sleeping.

image credit: ___ I_oI ___ / reddit

#13. On the belly of this grasshopper is the face of a smiling and fashionable lion, wearing a pair of sunglasses.

image credit: opi_q/reddit

#14. It’s a simple rock, and yet some see a big lazy hippo: the resemblance is really obvious.

image credit: ME_2017/reddit

#15. In this position and from this point of view, the girl appears to have the face of a dog with long ears.

image credit: falakro25 / reddit

#16. He just wanted to eat a spoonful of peanut butter, but the latter’s expression didn’t seem happy at all.

image credit: i_am_shattered/reddit

#17. It’s just a piece of ice stuck between the branch and the leaves, but it looks like a bird with a long tail.

image credit: painterandauthor/reddit

How many times have you looked at an object and saw something totally different? Where has your imagination taken you?

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