School Approves Use Of Corporal Punishment. “Unruly Children Must Be Taught A Lesson”

The education of children is very difficult, both for parents and teachers. The latter, very often, are forced to contain situations of chaos and rudeness in the classroom. Teaching children about respect for others, for education, and for social norms is a responsibility that involves, albeit in a different way, parents, and teachers. What to do when the kids don’t seem to want to play by the rules? What can teachers do if suspensions, grades, and poor assessments are not enough? Texas school district officials have approved the return to the practice of corporal punishment for unruly children.


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The board of trustees of Three Rivers Independent School in South Texas approved a proposal that would revert to the use of paddles (an oar-like wooden instrument specially designed to hit people) as a form of corporal punishment for disrespectful and unruly students. Corporal punishment is legal in Texas and is defined by the Texas Classroom Teachers Association (TCTA) as “the deliberate infliction of physical pain through beating, paddling, spanking, slapping, or other physical force. used as a means of discipline “. Parents can accept or refuse the use of these measures by giving their written and verbal consent. If the parents accept the proposal, they are aware that their children could receive, in the most extreme cases, corporal punishment for their bad behavior.


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The question sparked a heated debate many educators expressed their concern over this proposal, because slapping or spanking children, regardless of the instrument used (with the hand, a paddle, or a book), notes of parental responsibility. So there are those who say that this is a drastic and outdated measure and that this method of education should be confined to the past; there are also those who believe that in extreme cases children should be taught a lesson that is difficult to forget. Not all schools agree with the district that approved the proposal in question, as they believe it can cause students to be so scared. that they will stay home and drop out of school. The education of children is certainly crucial for the well-being of the class and to be able to begin a serene school journey, but many wonder whether it is necessary to resort to such extreme and obsolete forms of education. And you what do you think?

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