The Roseate Cockatoo Is One Of The Friendliest And Most Intelligent Parrots, Even Though Its Name Means “Silly”

The Galah, better known as the Roseate Cockatoo, is possibly one of the friendliest and most satisfying parrots to keep in captivity, although breeding this bird is quite complex and not for everyone. . It is of course very widespread in trade, while in the wild it is possible to see it in most of Australia excluding the coasts. It is an absolutely unique parrot due to the pink coloring of its plumage. Although its appearance is quite similar to that of other cockatoos, genetic studies have shown that pink differs so much from them that it is classified into a separate genus. Although they are extremely intelligent parrots, their original name does not


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The original name of the Roseate Cockatoo is “Galah“, a word that comes from “gilaa”, from the aboriginal language of Yuwaalaraay. Although they are very intelligent and friendly birds, the literal meaning of the word “gilaa” is “silly“. The main reason why such a derogatory name has been given to this species of parrots is probably that they make a lot of noise.


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They are certainly very lively animals, who love company and are always very active. Like many other animals, the Rosy Cockatoo suffers a lot from loneliness, which is why it is always good to devote many hours of the day to it and to equip its aviary so that it is never bored. Remember to let him out of his cage from time to time!


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The Roseate Cockatoo, as you may already know, is one of those parrots that “talk” or, better put, can reproduce certain sounds they hear during the day. Plus, they are able to quickly learn various intelligence games, so if you decide to raise one, be sure to provide them with puzzles to solve every day!

Extremely sociable and intelligent, he enjoys interacting with humans very much


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image credit: Wikimedia

In short, the original name of this bird seems really unfair to us!

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