Rare 2,500-year-old Warrior’s Helmet Discovered, It Was In A Cave Filled With Precious Treasures.

There are discoveries so sensational that they manage to catapult us in an instant in the midst of scenes and situations that perhaps until then we only knew through history books, films, or documentaries. This is certainly the experience of archaeologists when they found themselves in front of the tomb of a warrior in which rare and precious treasures have remained for millennia. 

The symbol of this find is a rare bronze helmet, the origins of which date back to ancient Greece, most likely to a period between the 8th and 7th centuries BC It has remained there for millennia, likewise to the treasure of metal weapons locked in the incredible tomb, a veritable treasure cave.


image credit: Dubrovnik Museum – Greek Reporter

We are in Croatia, more precisely in Zakotarac, in the south of Dalmatia. This is where, from 2019, researchers identified an area of ​​particular archaeological interest. The excavations have thus brought to light the stone tomb, probably dedicated to a warrior who lived in the 4th century BC.

In fact, it is a Greco-Illyrian object, an accessory that has become popular over the centuries and forged in various types before becoming obsolete. The warrior, placed in an east-west position, was not alone in the grave. At least two other people were buried there, according to archaeologists’ findings, including a woman wearing a bronze bracelet.

But what the discovery of this tomb revealed does not end there. Besides the helmet and the bracelet, the experts found dozens of metal weapons, Greek vases, spears, knives, bronze ornaments, molten glass, and amber beads. In short: a real chest of ancient treasures, which brings invaluable testimonies on the life of the time and the customs of the people who lived in these places.


image credit: Dubrovnik Museum – Greek Reporter

According to Professor Potrebica, research coordinator at the University of Zagreb, the helmet is “exceptionally rare” because it is part of a type of accessory of which only about forty examples are known in Europe. Of great importance and of great rarity are also the vases found in the burial place. The intention of the researchers is to continue research in the area, considered promising in terms of finds and archaeological evidence.

We just have to wait and see if the research will shed light on other discoveries like these, to know a little more about our history …

source used: Greek Reporter

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