This Puppy Has Been Cleaning The Garbage Of A River In China For More Than 10 Years

The importance of caring for the environment does not only concern us.

Pollution is a real problem. Although during these times of pandemic it has been diminished, when society can return to ‘normality’, this problem will continue to affect the planet.

Global warming and pollution have one source: us. Only we can solve it, but we can always have a little help.


In China, there is a little dog that spends his free time taking garbage from a river near his home. Daily it removes between 20 and 30 waste from the flow. This has made him a celebrity in Jiangsu Province.


Your help is making a difference, because the little dog has caused fewer people to dump garbage near the river every day . When he takes them out of the water, he takes them directly to the garbage container. Surprise everyone then, separate the garbage too.


After more than 10 years doing this exercise, the Golden Retriever has removed more than 2,000 plastic bottles from the river. His work has made him the protector of the environment of Suzhou.

Maybe for him, it is a fun and normal activity in his life, but it teaches us that many times they are more human than we are. Share this puppy’s example to inspire everyone to go green.

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