Prince William & Kate Middleton’s true relationship with Archie and Lilibet revealed by royal expert – and it’s so sad

Prince William & Kate Middleton’s true relationship with Archie and Lilibet revealed by royal expert – and it’s so sad.

Blood is thicker than water, they say, but sadly, Families can break apart due to arguments, ongoing conflicts, and members refusing to make amends.

Unfortunately, the same applies to the British royals, who are one of the most well-known families globally. The strained relationship between William and Harry not only affects their bond but also influences their children’s connections. As a result, the cousins miss out on opportunities to bond and spend time together.

William and Harry were very close when they were young, so it’s difficult for both of them to accept the current situation. However, neither of them is willing to make amends and reconcile.

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Following Megxit, the Sussexes’ relationship with the rest of the Firm soured as Harry and Meghan announced their intention to step away from their royal responsibilities.

It was surprising to many, however, royal experts have revealed that the couple realized shortly after their wedding that they did not intend to remain in the Firm for an extended period of time.

In 2019, the arrival of Archie marked the beginning of Harry and Meghan’s journey towards increased privacy, as they aimed to break free from being manipulated by the Crown and portrayed as mere puppets for fans and the media worldwide.

Upon his son’s arrival, Harry showed little interest in disclosing information about the baby’s birth. Nevertheless, he felt compelled to explain to the public that Archie was born as a result of a breach in the “unwritten contract between the royals and the public.”

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Katie Nicholl, in her book The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown, characterized Harry as being extremely fixated on maintaining the secrecy surrounding Archie’s birth.

Rebecca English, royal editor of the Daily Mail, mentioned that behind the scenes, the situation was so tense that multiple officials, including herself, were brought to tears due to frustration and despair.

Lilibet was born under unique circumstances. She arrived in June 2021 in California, far from the paparazzi’s reach. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for Harry and Meghan Markle to reintroduce their children to the public eye.

Harry and Meghan declared that their children had been granted the titles of prince and princess following the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

Archie and Lili have not only lost touch with their cousins, but they have also missed out on spending time with their grandfather, King Charles. Reportedly, Archie has only met his grandfather five times, while Lilibet has only met him once. It is said that King Charles is “heartbroken” over the lack of relationship with his grandchildren. Royal expert Tom Quinn has suggested that the monarch is considering changing that.

Quinn relayed to Mirror that the king is contemplating a visit to the States in the coming months. “If the visit does happen, he will surely prioritize spending time with his youngest son and grandchildren. Nevertheless, there are many obstacles to overcome before this idea can be realistically pursued,” Quinn stated.

The royal expert mentioned the possibility of a discreet private visit to Harry and the children in California. He expressed that the individual is eager to see them and is concerned about the idea that Archie and Lily may not remember him as the warm and friendly grandfather he aspires to be.

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According to relationship specialist Louella Alderson, it would carry great meaning if Charles were to visit Harry, Meghan, Archie, and Lilibet in the United States.

Alderson elaborated on the challenges of King Charles’s potential trip to America, whether it’s private or not, and meeting with Harry without. King Charles has a multitude of Royal responsibilities and health issues, so any visit to America would require thorough planning and coordination.

She added: “The mere fact that King Charles is willing to invest the effort and dedicate the time and energy to travel to America to visit Harry could symbolize a meaningful step towards repairing their relationship.”

It is likely that he will be more inclined to tackle any problems and strive to find a resolution compared to his previous behavior.

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Despite the tension in William and Harry’s relationship, Tom Quinn revealed to the Mirror that the Prince and Princess of Wales had actually urged Harry and Meghan to bring their children to the UK for a visit. Regrettably, Meghan turned down the invitation, as per Quinn.

Quinn stated that Meghan has no intention of bringing the children to the UK. William and Kate have proposed that Meghan and Harry bring the children and that the two families attempt to reconcile, but so far, the proposal has not made any progress.

Meghan is concerned about the safety of her children, which is one of the reasons.

According to a source from OK! Magazine, Meghan is now hesitant to bring the children to the UK due to safety concerns. The current dilemma revolves around deciding whether the family should travel with heightened security measures or if Harry should make the trip alone.

Harry is not interested in continuing to travel alone to the UK,” the insider added. “He would rather have the whole family make frequent trips to visit his family and strengthen relationships, but there are too many complications preventing that from happening right now.

DUBBO, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 17: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit a local farming family, the Woodleys, on October 17, 2018 in Dubbo, Australia. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand. (Photo by Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images)

Another factor is Meghan’s reluctance to “return to a stress-inducing trip to England, where she perceives herself as unwelcome.”

William and Kate have extremely limited communication with Archie and Lili. According to royal correspondent Cameron Walker on GB News, there seems to be a deep-rooted feud between Prince William and Prince Harry, as evidenced by the barriers that go up whenever questions about Harry are asked to those close to William. Walker believes that the current circumstances do not bode well for any change in the relationship between the two brothers.

GB News’ royal correspondent Svar Nanan-Sen mentioned, “There is no relationship between William and Kate with Archie and Lilibet. It is understood that King Charles has only seen Lilibet once, and the same likely applies to William and Kate.”

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Archie and Lilibet do not have any connection with George, Charlotte, and Louis, despite being cousins. The ongoing feud between Harry, William, Kate, and Meghan is causing a division within the family that spans across generations.

Cameron Walker stated, “It’s unfortunate to see that George, Charlotte, and Louis won’t have the same relationship with their cousins, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, but it’s important to remember that it’s nobody’s fault.”

It will be fascinating to see in 20 years if there is any correlation between Archie and Lilibet, residing in California, and the three royal children in the UK,” he shared with GB News.

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