12 Pictures That Show How Powerful Nature Is

There is no power greater than that of the earth.

If there is one power in the world that we cannot underestimate, it is undoubtedly the power of nature: it often surprises us and behaves in a way as if to say “I’m the one in charge here.”

Whether through a major thunderstorm or even a simple little plant growing in an unusual place, in the end, we can see the infinite power of nature to destroy and create.

To share with you a little of its greatness, we have brought you 12 images that show how powerful nature is:

#1. The desert taking the roads of Dubai:

#2. Nature will always win in the end:

#3. A tree swallowing a bank:

#4. A hurricane from an angle never seen before:

#5. A colossal volcano “breathing”:

#6. Paraquita Bay, in the British Virgin Islands, is used as a “parking lot” for private and chartered boats. Here is the before and after of a hurricane:

#7. The explosion of a volcano seen from above:

#8. A giant jellyfish:

#9. A powerful electrical storm in Canada:

#10. A tree swallowing a mailbox:

#11. Only rain that passes through a town:

#12. Better not underestimate the power of this waterfall!

The power of nature is incredible and we are fortunate to continue to see that, despite what we can do, she always seems to win. Share this gallery with your friends so that they will be fascinated by these images.

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