A Photographer Takes The Portrait Of A Little Owl Sheltering From The Rain Under A Mushroom

For those who love animals and art, the life of photographer  Tanja Brandt  seems like a living dream. The woman, living in Germany, is a fan of birds of prey (and not only) and enjoys creating beautiful images on her travels in the woods in the company of her curious family.

Always accompanied by her faithful and beautiful Ingo, a Belgian sheepdog, Tanja has enchanted thousands of people with improbable and poetic photographic sets featuring the owl Poldi .


Man wird ja immer wieder überrascht…… Gerade überraschte mich Jemamd (vielen Dank dafür) mit der Mitteilung, daß…

Posted by Tanja Brandt on Monday, 7 January 2019

The curious little animal is one and a half years old and was part of a large brood where it was, alas, the last to arrive. As his egg had hatched several days after the others, Poldi remained much smaller than his brothers, and at 5 months of life he was adopted by Tanja . She raised him like a member of the family, so much so that he now also has a good relationship with the dog Ingo.


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The images you see, both fascinating and surreal, depict Poldi seeking shelter under a mushroom , surrounded by a landscape that seems to come out of a fairy tale. The owl, according to Brandt, likes to be photographed: during the photography sessions, the photographer’s animals move freely in the woods, play, explore and create these curious sets , halfway between reality and fairyland.


source used: Tanja Brandt / Facebook

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