Police Grab A Scooter And Load It Onto A Huge Tow Truck: They Are Mocked On Social Media.

Do you know the classic scenes in front of which we do not know whether we should laugh or cry? We are talking about all those situations in which, on the one hand, we cannot hold back a smile and, on the other hand, the impulse is to put our hands in our hair.

We are sure you would feel this in front of the photo that we are going to show you. Sometimes even law enforcement becomes the object of taunts or mockery, and this is what happened in this case, after police in an English town shared a photo of their operation to ‘removal. What does it show? A large towing truck, of those commonly used for transporting cars or vans, carrying … a very small and light electric scooter .


image credit: Hereford Cops/Facebook

We are not kidding. It happened in Hereford, an urban center in the west of England and, as happens in similar cases, the photo was immediately made public. West Mercia Police, which operates in and around Herefordshire, was immediately targeted for showing what at first glance looks like a paradox.

Could it be that grabbing and removing this scooter requires a multi-ton tow truck? Obviously, for the agents who carried out the operation, the answer is yes. So much so that they even saw fit to post a photo of the two-wheeled vehicle loaded more than comfortably onto the bed of the truck.

Amazed? Amused? Realize that you are not the only one who does not know how to react to an image like this. One thing is certain: after seeing the photo, hundreds of people engaged in a long social media chat, during which they expressed their disappointment, irony, and amazement. “I really want to congratulate what looks like a total waste of money, ” wrote one netizen, “couldn’t they have put it in the back of a car instead of bringing in that big tow vehicle? ” another said, “This way we are causing more pollution and unnecessary traffic to the city streets,” was another comment.


image credit: harrypope/Flickr

In short, a veritable shower of criticisms and remarks that are both ironic and indignant. Local police, for the moment, has not released any statements except those commenting on the photo, which urged citizens to be careful of the rules governing the movement of electric scooters.

Looking at the image of the “tiny” scooter in the presence of the “giant” truck, one is entitled to be somewhat perplexed. We don’t know what the reasons were for this choice, but it certainly looks quite unusual. What do you think? Could this routine operation have been done differently or not?

source used: Hereford Cops/Facebook

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