20 Photos Of Strange Houses That Will Make You Wonder. What Were They Thinking?

Anyone who has rented an apartment at least once must have seen different options: from fancy places to not really so great ones.

The internet has a website called “Terrible Real Estate Photos”, which collects photos of the wildest and most trashy interiors made by real estate agents. We have collected 20 images for you

#1.The owner of this house must be a fan of the swamps.

#2. Rearranging the refrigerator is not recommended.

#3. Are foxes that size?

#4. Great place to reflect on the futility of being:

#5. Here you can continue watching your favorite series while you shower:

#6. Enjoy the view, without a window:

#7. I don’t understand what is happening here:

#8. Nothing out of the ordinary: just Marie Antoinette and the pirate monkey.

#9. The jungle is calling !:

#10. The perfect place for your penniless musician friend:

#11. During your free time you can prune the pool, why not ?:

#12. “Victoria likes it a lot when guests come, but she’s sad when they run screaming”

#13. For very busy people and important negotiations:

#14. And here, apparently, they performed the rite of exorcism:

#15. When the urge to go to the bathroom gives you halfway down the stairs:

#16. When they wanted to add a bit of the tapestry to the interior, but they overdid it:

#17. A great option for those who are going to sacrifice someone:

#18. So what, plants need to keep fit too!

#19. Imagine drinking red wine in this room:

#20. “Eric, get up, the agent has come. And for the love of God, get dressed ”.

Have you seen houses just as strange? Leave us your experiences in the comments. Share this rare gallery of houses with your friends and think if they would live in any of them.

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