These 17 Photos Of Puppies Taking Naps Are Just Too Adorable

A puppy is capable of stealing your heart simply by existing; And it is that their appearance and their nobility make them little animals that we would like to hug all the time.

By its nature, any puppy requires a lot of attention but unfortunately most of the time we cannot provide it as we would like. Faced with this need, a group of animal lovers started a daycare for puppies in the city of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, called The Puppy Spring.


The puppy care center aims to help full-time workers care for their puppies in the best possible way, attending to their needs in the nursery. Their caregivers accept pets from 12 weeks old and spend the entire day giving them the attention and affection that these little ones need.

In order to leave your puppy in the nursery, you need to make a reservation, since they only have 30 spaces available per day. This type of business has become so in demand in the country that there are already different dog kennels.


The manager of The Puppy Spring commented that the cost of the nursery depends on several factors, including the time they will spend there, as the nursery also has different games and exercises for the puppies in order to begin training their obedience and sociability skills. .

These activities make the dogs tired at the end of the day, but they recharge their energy with a nice nap of an hour and a half.

This nap scene is so cute that several nursery workers have decided to share pictures of the puppies sleeping peacefully on social networks, and they have gone viral in a matter of seconds.

Here we leave you a couple of them so that you too will fall in love with them.
















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