15 Photos Of Birds So Fascinating And So Special That They Seem To Come From Another Planet

Nature offers us landscapes and living beings of surreal beauty and, with her creations, she is able to amaze us day after day. Birds are perhaps among the most unique works that nature offers us: according to different classification criteria, there are around 10,000 species of birds. and 20,000 subspecies. The main method of classifying them takes into account their physical appearance: their body shape, beak, colors, and size. Not everyone is fortunate enough to observe these species up close: many are rare and many are found in remote parts of the world, but we are fortunate to be able to observe photos taken by people who have decided to share this beauty. There are birds with incredible eyelashes, those that look like small cotton balls, birds with a long muzzle, colored feathers, or shades of the same color. We offer you a selection of birds of surreal beauty.

#1. Gorgeous eyelashes.

image credit: CanadianFriedChicken/reddit

#2. bleu

image credit: SmallPocketLibrary/reddit

Based on the head and body size, it might look like a pigeon, but the color, crest, and tail put an end to that assumption.

#3. With her baby.

image credit: eggonmyface/imgur

#4. A colorful bird.

image credit: IllTryToKeepItInteresting/imgur

#5. A very funny expression.

image credit: IllTryToKeepItInteresting/imgur

#6. Majestic.

image credit: IllTryToKeepItInteresting/imgur

#7. Bright purple.

image credit: Rahnan/imgur

#8. Shades of blue going to white.

image credit: santisuukp/instagram

#9. Red Bengali

image credit: KhanZadi_home/reddit

#10. A large beak.

image credit: migueldavid.deleon/instagram

#11. A careful look.

image credit: praveen g nair/instagram

#12. Beautiful shades of color.

image credit: daniel.eom/instagram

#13. A beautiful combination of colors.

image credit: dbirqmtl/reddit

#14. A majestic parrot.

image credit: locebala/reddit

#15. The blue head and body with different shades of color.

image credit: GrayBuffalo reddit

Birds have always fascinated researchers and enthusiasts of the animal world. These animals arouse many curiosities and some are able to refute some of our beliefs. For example, did you know that not all birds have wings? There is a bird, called Kiwi, which does not have wings or tail: it is a species that is mainly found in Oceania. In the category of birds, we also find ostriches and penguins: they are large birds that, although they have wings, are not able to fly. If the ostriches are one of the largest species of birds, among the smallest there is undoubtedly that of the hummingbirds: it weighs only 1.6 grams and can reach 70 wing beats per second. Have you ever had the opportunity to see such a beautiful bird with your own eyes?

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