15 Photos Of Animals That Were Taken Just At The Right Time

Our pets have the gift of improving our day just by looking at them and is that sometimes they are so naive that they manage to get a sincere laugh or a moment of tenderness.

His intentions are so good that surely you have had to discover your pet doing something very funny or cute and you have wished to have a camera with you to capture that moment.

Well, these people did it and today we share their photos.

#15. You came home!

#14. A mouse in the house? Call 911!

#13. Back to the small meatball pot.

#12. I want attention!

#11. Shall we play hide and seek?

#10. Cat-spider

#09. Fun to the max.

#08. When you tell your girlfriend that they will not sleep snuggled up.

#07. ¡Auxilio!

#06. The kings of selfies.

#05. I think something is wrong with my cage.

#04. Hello, can you help me please?

#03. Someone is not happy to come home.

#02. Some privacy?

#01. Could it be that something did my dog?

And you, have you discovered your pet doing something strange? Comment it here!

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