18 Photographs From Ancient Times Very Few People Have Seen

The world is constantly changing.

Currently, we are constantly changing and we do not realize how much we have changed, but thanks to photographs we will always have a way of knowing how the world was a few years ago.

In the following gallery, you will find 18 images of every day days that are no longer seen today. Keep sliding to discover them and tell us what your favorite moment was:

#1. California drought refugees photographed by Dorothea Lange, February 1936.

#2. “My mother fed her cats milk directly from the cow (1939).”

#3. Coming out of a sewer after guards caught him trying to escape from Colditz prison camp in Leipzig, Germany, 1943.

#4. Photo of Frida Kahlo dressed as a man in 1924.

#5. Prince George (later King George V of the United Kingdom) with his cousin Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. 1900s.

#6. James Cagney practicing his dance on the set of “Something to Sing About”, 1937.

#7. Miners go north during the gold rush, 1898.

#8. A group of women at the Knox Conservatory of Music, 1905.

#9. Horse carrying pieces during training. 1955.

#10. Cuban salsa singer and Latin legend Celia Cruz in 1950.

#11. A unique photo of the Titanic before setting sail in 1911.

#12. Albert Einstein’s 70th birthday party in 1949.

#13. A 10-year-old Chinese boy soldier with a heavy backpack, a member of a Chinese division boarding planes on the airstrip.

#14. The interior of Frank Sinatra’s private jet circa 1962.

#15. One-piece swimsuits began to look like little dresses that are worn today. 1940.

#16. Cologne during the war, Germany, 1945.

#17. candlelit bowling alley, 1900.

#18. Washington Police Officer Bill Norton measuring the distance between the knee and the bathing suit after Colonel Sherrill, Superintendent of Buildings and Public Grounds, issued an order that it should not be more than 6 inches above knee.

History has changed a lot since these photographs were taken. Don’t leave without sharing this gallery so that your friends can see how humanity is so different from just a few years ago.

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