19 people too smart to have a difficult life

There’s a good reason why MacGyver’s legacy lasted much longer than the show. You can’t help but respect that kind of ingenuity and creativity, right? Sure, it was a script the writers had a lot of time to plan and research, but it was a top-notch drama.

These people may not be exactly real-life MacGyvers, but you have to admit that they are resourceful and creative. Keep scrolling to discover these resourceful people who will never have a difficult day:

#1 Navigation at your fingertips.

A university sold bottles of water with a printed campus map, and we are not exaggerating when we say that this may be the best piece of university merchandise we have seen.

#2 Helpful and moving.

This eagle’s broken beak got a great fix thanks to someone with a 3D printer. It’s hard to say for sure whether the prosthesis will hold up for long in the wild, but it gave this eagle a much better chance.

#3 Using what is at hand.

Conditions at this altitude are not terribly comfortable, even for more permanent structures.

For this temporary cabin on Mount Etna, the foundation was not going to be a thing, so to keep it in place, it was ratcheted to a nice, sturdy rock that won’t go anywhere

#4 That is a different way of moving.

How to ride a bike on the railroad tracks? Well, most of us would have to take all the bumps or deal with the gravel. This guy built a custom platform to mount the rails on his bike.

He only rides it on abandoned tracks.

#5 Creative and appropriate.

This music store put together a nice, hands-free sanitizer dispenser with something they already had in store: a tall drum cymbal stand.

#6 This idea really grows on you.

Many people use shrubs for privacy instead of fences. However, not everyone grows a fence like this.

It would take a long, long time to achieve, but wow, the results are worth it.

#7 I wonder what kind of traction you get?

You know, replacement tires are generally not meant to be long-term solutions at best. Actually, they are supposed to take you to the store to get a new tire fitted. I’d be interested to see if this actually accomplished even that.

#8 This seems to work too.

This person needed some walls for his trailer when he was moving some things, and they found the solution they needed: replacement doors and ratchet straps.

Those ratchet straps are really helpful.

#9 It’s basically an oasis.

When someone is determined to relax, don’t get in their way. Just look how far this guy has come, creating his own charcoal grill hot tub on your deck. Congratulations to that dedication to relaxation.

#10 When you are kneading it is best to make it less tired.

Yes, it would be a lot better to have one of those nice stand mixer, but have you seen how much those things cost?

#11 Less pain, more profit.

The person behind this excellent creation said they were getting sick of bending over to pick up fallen pins, so they glued a magnet to the end of a ruler.Yes, that will work!

#12 This is amazing.

We are in awe of people who can see the artistic potential in things like a jar full of buttons. Having the ability to pull it off so well is impressive on the next level too.

#13 See also the artistic potential of packing fry.

Yes, someone created this dragon with ordinary and ordinary fry. That is not something I would have made up.

#14 An office made of office supplies.

That is, if you are using them well. This person also put the boxes that everything worked in, using them to make the desk.

Is it resistant? I do not know. But it seems to work.

#15 Pure genius.

Air purifiers can be a lot more expensive than you might expect. This person glued an oven filter to a box fan to create a very similar effect.

I definitely wish I had thought about this in college. The air in bedrooms can be very unpleasant.

#16 “Better than new.”

I mean sure, you could get thousands of dollars in repair work, or you could add a decal that is basically an upgrade.

And what really does is the Roadrunner standing there, taunting him. Perfect.

#17 This has to be much more comfortable.

Even wearing a mask on a half-hour trip to the store or supermarket can be hard on your ears – flying across the country must be horrible.

However, this guy has the solution: wrap the strings around your headphones to take the tension off.

#18 Well, at least it worked, didn’t it?

The owner of this house discovered that a previous owner had covered a hole in the floor by nailing some crushed food cans. It may not be the exact solution for the job, but it is effective!

#19 Functional memories.

If pants of this type look weird, it is because they are made from hats that you have received at previous festivals. It is a unique way to use your memories.

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