15 Times Owners Were Terrified Of Their Pet’s Appearance.

The pets are so adorable they push homeowners to take small ridiculous voices and playful to converse with them and take hundreds of photos to share on social networks. We admire them when they play, when they sleep, when they cuddle and when they eat greedily. But sometimes the wait disappoints and the reality turns out to be quite different: 15 owners immortalized their animals after surprising them in terrifying poses or with the intention of taking a cute photo. In the latter case, they had to change their mind: these dogs and cats are so scary that they look like something straight out of a horror movie.

#1. He walked into the room with that expression.

image credit: taykaybo reddit

A simple yawn which however startled the masters: he seems ready to manhandle someone.

#2. A funny way to drink water.

image credit: Aquilleph reddit

The master woke up during the night to go to the bathroom and found his cat like this. Disturbing.

#3. He was playing with the curtain.

image credit: reddit

He saw the dog playing with the curtain and thought about taking a photo to capture the moment, but the result was no fun at all.

#4. In the middle of the ritual.

image credit: snowjockey/reddit

#5. These are not his fangs.

image credit: i digress/reddit

The owners saw the dog like that and got scared: what fangs does he have? He actually has a pine cone in his mouth.

#6. Eyes that light up in the dark.

image credit: kneesweakarmspenne/reddit

#7. He tries to get rid of excess water.

image credit: asterisk / reddit

The dog took a bath and, once on the shore, rocked to remove the water. The photo, which should have been funny, turned ominous.

#8. In the middle of the night.

image credit: redandwhiteroses/reddit

The master woke up during the night following a notification because the security camera detected a sudden movement: the culprit was found.

#9. Here are fangs!

image credit: beckylon/reddit

#10. He hatches an evil plan.

image credit: pleasuretohaveinclas/reddit

#11. The little dog likes to cool off this way.

image credit: vinkulelu / reddit

And from the photo, we’re amazed at how big his mouth can be.

#12. Are these horns?

image credit: Snowhogs/reddit

#13. Her smile is terrifying.

image credit: IanRiosDub/reddit

#14. Is he a demon?

image credit: imgur

The walking dog and his shadow: the latter seems to come from a horror movie.

#15. Ready to attack.

image credit: BookerDeWittsCarbine/reddit

What to do when your pet takes evil poses or expressions? Do you run away, capture the moment, or find a cartoon to watch to chase away your nightmares?

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