This Owl Flew Inside A Helicopter And Stood Next To The Pilot Who Was Putting Out A Fire

Sometimes life has in store for us encounters and surprises so unexpected and special that they seem almost unreal. We are talking about all those situations, perhaps particularly difficult, in which a “signal” comes in that makes us look at things from a different perspective, brand new and full of meaning.

Much like what happened to helicopter pilot Dan Alpiner as he battled a massive fire in central California. The man, like so many of his brave colleagues, was at work collecting water and dumping it from above with his plane when he was joined by a very special “co-pilot”.


image credit: Dan Alpiner – Sky Aviation/Facebook

Alpiner was in flight about 60 meters above the ground, busy and focused on pouring yet another load of water onto the flames that mercilessly devastated acres upon acres of natural areas, when his attention was drawn to rapid movement coming from an open window of the helicopter.

Frightened, he turned to take a closer look and met the eyes of a magnificent wild owl. Yes: the raptor quickly entered the plane, perhaps to escape the smoke and flames which destroyed its habitat, and “sat” as if nothing had happened in the seat next to the pilot. “He was calm and friendly, Dan commented,” it was as if he wanted to greet me. “


image credit: Sky Aviation/Facebook

So, with this very special “co-pilot” by his side, Alpiner continued his work to put out the fire. The owl, on the other hand, was very happy to stay in the helicopter for a while, until it decided to fly out the window, suddenly coming out just as it had entered.

“It was unreal, I still have to understand what happened, I will never forget it,” said the pilot, remembering the curious episode he experienced. We will never know why the owl flew in that helicopter: maybe he just wanted to thank someone who with commitment, courage, and dedication was doing everything possible to save their habitat …

source used: Sky Aviation

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