18 Objects That Played With Our Perception To Pretend To Be Something Else

Our brain plays with us more than we think.

Do you know the pareidolias? It is a psychological phenomenon that leads us to see familiar faces or things in places where there should be nothing of what we think. Surely you could see a puppy in a cloud or a face on a camera but they are not there.

This phenomenon helps us to give a known explanation to situations that we do not know and helps us to adapt to new environments. In the following list you will find 18 objects that posed as other things playing with our perception. Tell us which one surprised you the most in the comments!

#1. The night sky is very attractive. Ah, it’s just drops.

#2. “Four in a canoe on the lake”

#3. Does a cute router insist on hugging you?

#4. The frames on the wall are a mirror and the child’s face is not an image, but a reflection.

#5. The pebble that looks like the face of a fantasy creature.

#6. Those who have seen the image of the planet Jupiter immediately recognized the familiar patterns.

#7. Whose appearance do you see in the mayonnaise?

#8. A romantic cactus tries to take the shape of a heart, but is still prickly.

#9. We always knew that trees have eyes.

#10. It seems that the cat had an idea.

#11. Do you see a dog here?

#12. “I’m Batman”

#13. Smile in a glass! But, in fact, they are just ice cubes.

#14. Draw a tree within a tree so that everyone understands that there really is a tree.

#15. I’m not a strawberry, I’m a star!

#16. An overly friendly and suspicious cactus.

#17. An onion that will make you cry … with laughter.

#18. The shadow of the glass resembles a face.

Now you have a better idea of ​​what pareidolia is. Share this gallery with your friends to see if they too get confused looking at these images.

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