On Sale, A Private Island That Costs Less Than An Apartment: The Curious Offer.

At least once in our lives, we have all wished we could find ourselves in a secluded place, alone and undisturbed, where we could finally find some peace and quiet amidst so many daily commitments and tasks. A place like a private and desert island, where you can come face to face with nature and yourself: what do you think of such a scenario?

If you think this is an impossible dream, or too expensive to achieve, you might change your mind. The small island of land we are about to tell you about proves it: it is an entire small island, for sale for a sum of money that, in most cities, would barely buy a studio. Are you ready to discover this unique offer in more detail?


image credit: Private Islands Online

If you can or are willing to shell out a sum of around 76,000 euros and you wholeheartedly want to change your life drastically, then this opportunity could be yours. With this money, in fact, you can buy Half Island, an islet located in Canada, less than a kilometer from the coast of Nova Scotia and about 300 km east of the capital Halifax.

Here, it takes less money to buy an entire island than to buy a studio in town. The unusual offer appeared on the Private Islands Online website and quickly went viral. The half-island has an area of ​​about 2.4 hectares and is characterized by rich vegetation. The sea that surrounds the island is also remarkable, and it is possible to indulge in fishing, explore the coves or sail in a canoe or sailboat. There is no shortage of natural beauty and, as the website where the island is for sale states, it has made this region famous and pleasant to live in.


image credit: Private Islands Online

There is no accommodation on the island, except for a mobile home left behind by the previous owner and sold as-is. However, 16 kilometers on land, one can reach Port Hawkesbury, a town where one can find everything one needs for shopping, entertainment, or accommodation.


image credit: Private Islands Online

In short, such an offer could really attract the attention of many people who, for a very small amount, could obtain a real corner of paradise, an exclusive place to retire or live in peace. What do you think? Would you make such a choice?

source used: Private Islands Online

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