18 Old Buildings That Have Found New Life And Have Been Transformed Into Very Original Places

Who said that the best ideas of design and architecture always give life to new projects, ultra-modern and avant-garde buildings? The tendency to recycle, reuse, and re-adapt old and disused objects is also a reality for buildings that have now had their day and are not as “fresh” as before.

So buildings, structures, and even old means of transportation, with a good dose of creativity and imagination, can find new life and be transformed into something else. Would you think that a plane could accommodate a fast food restaurant? Or that an old church could become a unique sports center with a swimming pool? If you think that’s impossible, you haven’t yet seen the photos we have gathered below: marvel at these old buildings that have had a second youth!

#1. When an old industrial laundry becomes a trendy bar

#2. The sports hall where I go was built in the premises of an old church: the swimming pool is on the nave; confessionals are now saunas

#3. A former cookie factory in my hometown has been turned into an apartment complex!

#4. This very original hotel was once a brasserie

#5. In Indianapolis, where a disused stadium once stood, there is now a modern apartment complex

#6. The safe of a former bank is now the warehouse of a shoe store

#7. If this house reminds you of an old train station, you are right: it has been transformed into a beautiful house!

#8. This building in Hortusbrug, the Netherlands, once housed the keeper of the bridge: today it is a very special apartment for rent

#9. Would you have thought that you would find a fast food restaurant … inside an old airplane?

#10. This former gas station is now a restaurant with shaded tables under the carport!

#11. The living room of my friend’s apartment in Brooklyn, built inside an old church: spectacular!

#12. It’s not really a building, but it’s still fascinating: “last stop, Kebab”

#13. An original McDonald’s: this one is built where there used to be funeral homes, and it shows!

#14. These gasometers in Vienna have been transformed into multipurpose buildings housing restaurants, cinemas and other commercial activities.

#15. A water tower dating from the Soviet period in Lithuania has become a place for climbing!

#16. Former synagogue or bookstore? Both !

#17. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in the shelves of a library like this? It is located in Holland, and was made in the premises of a 15th century church!

#18. The premises of this former Italian oil mill now house a fascinating house.

Have you ever seen such an original redevelopment of places?

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