The Norwegian Forest Cat, The Magnetically Charming Cat Since Viking Age

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an ancient feline breed native to Scandinavian countries. Of wild origin, it is a large, long-haired cat. Its history is intimately linked to the Viking tradition and there are legends that tell of its role in the society of the ancient Scandinavian peoples, as well as its beauty. Let’s discover this magnificent breed together through photos.


Legends say that the Vikings used to keep cats from nearby woods in their homes, and also took them on boats on long journeys to keep rats away from food supplies. 


There is also a legend which says that Freyja , goddess of love and fertility, wandered on a cart pulled by two large long-haired cats in search of her mate. As for him  Thor , the god of thunder, was subjected to a test of strength which consisted in lifting a large cat.


Norwegian forest cats, in fact, are medium to large in size , have a long body and a long coat that performs several functions, first of all, protection against the cold. The ears are large to benefit from excellent hearing essential for hunting and defense, also covered with hair.


Particularly fascinating are the wide and sturdy legs, the rear legs being taller than the front ones. The legs are wide and webbed, covered with tufts of hair even between the fingers to prevent it from sinking into the snow and have an agile walk.


The tail is particularly long, usually reaching the shoulder blades , but in some cases it reaches the neck. The coat is also optimized for life in cold, snowy conditions: the undercoat is wool-like and covered with a thick layer of water-repellent hairs , especially on the back and sides. 


Today, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed that fits perfectly into a domestic environment . He has a docile and loyal character and has many more similarities to the character of a dog. Those who have one say that it is also suitable for learning simple instructions. They use their verse to communicate, so sometimes they seem to be having real conversations! 


The Norwegian Forest Cat is a beautiful animal, loved by ancient Scandinavian peoples as well as today’s cat lovers! 



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