17 Natural Shows That Have Managed To Amaze Us With Special Effects Worthy Of A Great Movie.

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the most beautiful, the most special, and the most surprising things are there, a step away from us, and there is basically no point in going looking for them who knows where. And this argument can be valid for many areas of life, and is adaptable to the natural context.

It is precisely in the environment around us that we can be amazed by the most spectacular phenomena, landscapes, creatures, and events. It is no coincidence that nature has always been a source of inspiration dear to man. Each season, each element and each place – even the most unexpected and the most hidden – can in an instant transport us in a vision of wonder, with performances where one almost has the impression of touching perfection. We’ve rounded up 18 examples of what we’re talking about below. Are you ready to experience, once again, the thousands of ways that Mother Nature manages to amaze us?

#1. A perfectly round stone

image credit: Gulo_gulo_1/reddit

In the midst of many stones, this person managed to find one that seems to have been specially made to elicit admiration. It is all around!

#2. A magnificent ice sculpture

image credit: pixeljuggle/reddit

When you wake up, go out and find a natural piece of art like this, you can only be happy!

#3. A “city” on a trunk

image credit: JelliedHam/reddit

Doesn’t that remind you of the skyline of a metropolis, with its buildings and skyscrapers? In reality, it is “only” a curious formation on a tree trunk!

#4. Perfect mimicry!

image credit: reddit

#5. When the snow falls, it’s time to give a magical touch even to a simple paved driveway

image credit: Imgur

#6. Glacial sculptures

image credit: sigmar_ernir / reddit

It looks like someone rolled the ice off the windshield of this car on purpose. The result? Surprising to say the least, as only nature can do it!

#7. A trunk so fascinating that we would never stop looking at it

image credit: reddit

#8. What’s on it?

image credit: reddit

Almost looks like fur, doesn’t it? And no, it’s just ice cream!

#9. A very special shell?

image credit: PalestraItalia/reddit

Doesn’t its shape remind you of a human heart?

#10. Nature’s Wonders: Even a single stone can hide a small world. This one appears to have blades of grass drawn on it.

image credit: reddit

#11. Lake or tree?

image credit: reddit

We are in Australia, at Lake Pakora. This wonder was captured by photographer Derry Moroney with a drone: the waters of the lake seem to give life to the branches of a tree!

#12. We will never be short of surprises in front of Mother Nature

image credit: knowxyz/reddit

#13. When the natural elements claim what is theirs, even the simplest object becomes super-fascinating!

image credit: reddit

#14. Drawings of birds in the sky

image credit: KhalilSajjad/reddit

Who among us has never been lost in observing the magnificent patterns that flocks of birds can represent in the sky? A spectacle is as common as it is fascinating!

#15. An ice forest?

image credit: Jqzzy/reddit

The way the ice formed here seems to have brought shrubs and plants to life in a fairytale setting!

#16. Watch my shadow appear in this kind of circular rainbow: a wonderful sight!

image credit: Riotgarments/reddit

#17. We are on Lake Michigan: these patches of ice form an incredible spectacle that makes the environment almost magical.

image credit: reddit

The nature around us is sometimes worthy of the special effects of cinema: spectacles, elements, creatures, and phenomena such as those gathered above prove it. Have you ever seen natural wonders like these?

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