Nasa Chose The Idea Of ​​a 9-year-old Boy To Allow Astronauts To Use The Toilet During Space Missions

While life in spaceships is in many ways comparable to life on Earth, using the bathroom is a little different, or even rather complicated.

Well, for the next lunar mission, NASA wanted to refresh how astronauts can meet their natural needs, by holding a competition to go in search of new ideas. At the end of the competition, NASA declared its winner: a 9-year-old Malaysian child.

Posted by Jiri News Network – JNN on Saturday, 7 November 2020

The International Space Station is of course equipped with toilets, where astronauts on a mission can urinate and defecate. This is a similar procedure to Earth, although the instruments and comfort are clearly different.

In any case, the problem of having to go to the toilet does not arise so much in the space station as during space missions.

For the next year 2024, in fact, NASA has announced a new lunar mission, called Artemis, in which it wants to equip astronauts with a new system for collecting needs.

In this regard, NASA organized a competition to collect the largest number of ideas and proposals from the participants and proclaimed a winner: a child from Malaysia, only 9 years old.

Posted by Min Min on Monday, 9 November 2020

His name is Zyson Kang and his “Lunar Toilet Spacesuit” was chosen from 900 proposals from other participants under the age of 18.

The idea of ​​the little prodigy was surprisingly simple: it is in fact a device that slips under the spacesuit, a suction device that leads the waste from the body into a reservoir, located inside the spacesuit. boots.

Zyson’s proposal was chosen primarily for the fact that it does not require batteries or electricity to operate and adds minimal weight to the already bulky spacesuit. The entire device is actuated by the application of mechanical energy, which produces a suction force that crystallizes the urine and fecal waste of the astronaut.

image credit: pxhere

Zyson’s tutor, Chong Soo Sheong, said the idea wasn’t conceived overnight: behind it lies remarkable work by Zyson , who focused on conceiving his idea for months. .

Now that NASA has proclaimed him the winner, he can finally reap the rewards of all his efforts: a motivating story that reminds us that even the loftiest dreams – how to work for NASA for a 9-year-old – can be realized with the necessary commitment!

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