“My Dog ​​keeps Staring At Me, It Makes Me Uncomfortable”: The Confidence Of A Woman.

Who said that living with dogs was always synonymous with happiness and tranquility? From the story we are about to tell you, it seems that our faithful four-legged friends sometimes go out of their way to make us a little uncomfortable. If you don’t think that’s possible, read what happened to the woman we’re about to tell you about, who shared a rather bizarre story on Reddit.

The author of the post said that she felt very nervous about this situation, and decided to go public and ask people for their opinion.


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“My dog ​​keeps staring at me and it makes me anxious.” This is the title of the post written on Reddit by the user known as Upper_Treacle9975. If it can make you smile by thinking of a slightly strange situation, it expresses serious and real discomfort.

“My boyfriend and I adopted her about nine months ago, she says. I spend a lot of time alone at home with her and she has become very attached to me. particular, that he makes me anxious. Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable, she continues, explaining the problem, because I look up and I see her staring at me, motionless.

Reading his words, it is certainly not difficult to understand the problem. “She’s always looking at me, always in my space, right under my feet, she says. When I tell her to back off, she always maintains eye contact, and often she even falls asleep with her eyes open into me. watching . It’s disturbing.”


image credit: Maxpixel – Not the actual photo

The post’s author also admitted that she’s had dogs all her life, and said she’s worked as a caregiver at a shelter, but has never felt so bad about it. comfortable than with his current dog. She even consulted her veterinarian, who advised her to give her some time to see if her dog’s anxieties subsided.

“She is cuddled and very well treated, she has lots of toys, we take her out every day and try to give her lots of affection,” the woman wrote, “but the fact that she constantly looks at me smothers me and wears my nerves, now I don’t want her near me and I have to admit that I put her in her crate more often. I feel very bad because I feel like I’m mistreating her. Do you have a similar experience?

She concludes by asking Internet users their opinion on the situation. And people’s responses were not long in coming. Many advised the author of the post to try to spend more time with her dog and, if possible, to let him romp and get tired so he could release his energy. Although she assured that this is already the case, the people who responded are convinced that she can do more.

What do you think? Have you ever been in such a situation with a dog?

source used: Upper_Treacle9975/reddit

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